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Tunisian Desalination Association الجمعية التونسية لتحلية المياه Tunisian Desalination Association

Presentation of the TDA

The Tunisian Association of Desalination (TDA) is a non-governmental association, nonprofit, scientific, published in JORT n° 116  of June 23, 2005. It takes  seat the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis University of Tunis El Manar.

It is dedicated to the development, promotion and proper use of treatment technologies and water desalination in Tunisia.

Its objectives are:

  • Make efforts to promote research, education and dissemination of information in the field of treatment and water desalination,

  • Facilitate exchange between scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians and operators of companies, universities and research centers,

  • Organize conferences, workshops, training courses and seminars in different parts of the country to promote a better transfer and better control of desalination technology and water treatment,

  • Educate and encourage young researchers and engineers became interested in this field,

  • Foster cooperation and communication with regional and international organizations in all matters concerning training, research, development and best use of desalination.