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Tunisian Desalination Association الجمعية التونسية لتحلية المياه Tunisian Desalination Association


Water Resources Information:


The General Direction of Water Resources, the General Direction of Rural Engineering and Water Exploitation, the General Direction for Dams and Major Hydraulic Works, the National Company of Water Exploitation and Distribution, the Department of Conservation of Soil and Water, the National Sanitation Office and the National Agency for Environment Protection under the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources are the institutions responsible for producing information on water resources.


Information Research and teaching in the field of water:


The theme of water is among the higher education programs. This theme is treated in the faculties of sciences, engineering schools and in higher institutes of technological studies.


Laboratories and research units under the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology, interested in the field of water are:


  • Membrane and water technologies


Research Center and Water Technologies, Technopole of Borj Cedria, B.P.273, 8020 Soliman, Tunisia, Tel. : 71430044


  • Processing and recycling of waste water:


Research Center and Water Technologies, Technopole of Borj Cedria, B.P.273, 8020 Soliman, Tunisia, Tel. : 71430044


Water, Energy and Environment: National School of Engineers of Sfax - 3038 Sfax, Tunisia, Tel. : 74,274,088

In short

The University National Center of Scientific and Technical Documentation (CNUDST subscribed to new electronic scientific journals. For more information on access to these journals CNUDST consult the website: www.cnudst.rnrt.tn


At the Euro-Mediterranean conference on water management in Marseilles (nov.1996), representatives of the 27 countries signatory to the Barcelona Convention (November 1995) and the European Union and the Commission decided to study the establishment of an information system that would facilitate access to information based on modern means of communication and by networking pre-existing systems. This is EMWIS : Euro-Mediterranean system of information on know-how in the Water Sector: www.semide.tn  EMWIS is not a water resources database or a tool for water resources management. Generally EMWIS manages information and not data.


For a map of water resources in Tunisia visit: http://www.semide.tn/loupe.htm